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A source of inspiration and beauty!


A little coastal city just off an ocean inlet, Pont-Aven owes its name to the river which runs through it and, of course, the first stone bridge (“pont” in French) to cross it. When it became a municipality at the start of the French Revolution, Pont-Aven was organized around a small port, had "more mills than houses" according to a saying which also specified that is was "a town without renown". This lack of notoriety, however, is long gone, thanks to the many painters who were drawn to the enchanting surroundings of this charming village.

With its verdant valley, peaceful river, little stone bridges and beautiful granite houses, Pont-Aven became, by the mid-19th century, the town of painters. The village even had the honour of lending its name to a new painting school founded by Gauguin which, through the originality of its approach, helped to pave the way for modern art. Today, Pont-Aven is still famous for painting, and you can visit its many galleries, and its famous, fully-renovated museum which has doubled in size and tells the story of the Pont-Aven school, of which Paul Gauguin was the leading figure.